The wisdom tooth typically does not have much room to develop normally and therefore causes discomfort, and often great pain, to the surrounding teeth.

In addition to the pain they cause, they can also cause infections, cavities, bad positioning of the surrounding teeth as they tend to push them forward. In some cases, it may cause major complications that can place your life at risk.

This is when a wisdom tooth extraction becomes necessary.

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Dental exams

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Cleanings: At least twice a year you should go to your dentist so you can have a cleaning done. Cleanings are the best method of prevention of any dental disease.

Dental crowns: At Dr. Mike R. Gomez’s clinic you will find experts in dental crowns. We have several materials and various budgets. We need to perform a test to recommend which is the best fit for you.

Dental bridges: We have tailor-made bridges, made with the best materials, and can be fixed or removable. Everything will depend on your needs.

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Fillings: If you have an opening or have a space between your teeth, we can put a filling so that your teeth are even or if you are missing some part of a tooth.

Dental extractions: Some dental pieces, even after efforts made to save them, have no remedy. Then, a tooth extraction will have to be done.

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Orthodontic experts

An orthodontic treatment can correct problems as important as cross bite or outgoing teeth, with extraordinary results. And they can last from 12 to 24 or 36 months. We have the most advanced techniques so that we can obtain excellent results, besides our prices at our dental office in Huntington Park. They have no competition.

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